Sea Change Design Institute

We work with leaders and organizations to co-design
positive, profound, and enduring transformations.

A meditative manifesto on creativity—and our
invitation to co-design a life-revering world.


Facing a significant challenge?
Engage with us in three
transformative ways:
Scan, Sounding, or Journey.

Sea Change Workshops

Ignite or amplify your ability to innovate. Bring Designing Work Worth Doing to your organization, event or city.

Sea Change Design Coaching

We design with water by
connecting to the sea within
you. Coaching focuses on
evolving you personally and


Lauralee Alben speaks on how we must design from the epicenter of transformation.

Sea Change Design Process℠

How can the ocean inspire
sustainability? We use water
mimicry to design with
4 billion-year-old wisdom.

Our Clients and Community

“Sea Change Design compels us to shape the world as we shape our own lives. We grow by building intention into everything we do.”

Bonnie DeVarco, Devarco Studio